Simple Questions: What Is WiFi Direct? How Does It Work?

WiFi? You know that, and use it everyday. Bluetooth? You know that too, and also use it quite often. What if you could combine all the best features of the two? Well, it turns out you can and that’s WiFi Direct. In this tutorial we will talk about this technology and how it works. Let’s get started:

Before Describing WiFi Direct, Let’s Talk WiFi

So, there is this thing called WiFi (or Wi-Fi, whichever you like, there is really no rule on which one to use). You have probably heard about it and you probably use it quite a lot, maybe even now. This is a wireless communication technology that has lots of uses, but it is most widely used for accessing the Internet.

An everyday user’s most common way of meeting WiFi is by connecting to a wireless router and accessing the Internet through this device. The router is a physical device that creates anaccess point (AP), which you can see on your smartphone or computer when you’re looking for a network to connect to. You select the one you want, enter a password if required and tada, you’re all set to access the web.

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Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:34 am

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