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WP Comment Moderation for Beginners

WordPress comes with a built-in comment system that allows for community interaction around your content. In this beginner’s guide, we will show you how to moderate comments in WordPress, deal with comment spam, and everything related to comments.

What are Comments?

Recently while teaching a WordPress class, we found that several users who had been using WordPress for more than 6 months still did not know what was the purpose of comments, where were they coming from, and what should they do with them.

Comments allow your website visitors to communicate with you and other readers. They can add their input on a specific article that you had written, ask questions, and provide feedback.

The Complete Article

WordPress SIG

Your board has approved my desire to start a WordPress SIG.

The first SIG meeting is scheduled for August 21  (third Thursday) in room 205 at 7 pm.

This will be a basic introduction to developing a WordPress SIG, with handouts and tailored to the needs of those who attend.

Pat Sonnenstuhl, your webmaster will facilitate our interaction. If you are interested, let her know: and

What’s The Difference Between Running Your Blog On &

With WordPress now powering 1 in every 6 websites, they must be doing something right. For both experienced developers and the complete novice, WordPress has something to offer you. But just as you start on your path of WordPress nirvana, you’re going to hit a stumbling block: “Do I need or What’s the difference?!”

This question comes up a lot, so I’ve decided to write a definitive guide. If you’re too lazy to read 1,000 odd words – and that’s cool, I won’t judge, I know we live in a world of 140 characters limit – then here’s an easy to understand set of bullet points for you.

The complete article offers the best service for anyone wanting to create and run a free blog site using a professional, attractive theme and smart widgets. But while you can certainly create a WordPress blog in under 10 minutes, there are several additional things you can do to improve your newly minted website.

We have previously provided a set of essential tips for starting a WordPress blog, and have also explained the difference between Google’s Blogger and This article covers a set of advanced tips most useful for beginner users whom have already set up their blog and added some posts.

The basic setup of most blog sites are the menu bar, the sidebar, and the blog posts on the homepage. To engage your readers more, you definitely want to create additional pages on your site, such as “About Me” and “Contact Me” pages

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