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Bring on Cortana for Windows 10!

The Cortana voice assistant is one of the most anticipated features for the new build of

Microsoft is hosting a media event later this week to unveil the latest public build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. There is a wide variety of potential features and updates Microsoft can unleash, and Microsoft has hinted that this new build will focus heavily on the consumer experience. The one thing I’m looking forward to most, though, is Cortana.

Why will we use Cortana?

When Apple first introduced Siri, I was torn on whether that was a novelty parlor trick or a feature with actual value. The jury may still be out for many people, but I use Siri all the time. I ask Siri what the weather is like today. I ask Siri to play music. I ask Siri to answer trivia questions. It’s not “Siri” exactly, but I also frequently use the voice input for “typing” text messages or web search terms. It’s just faster and easier than typing on a small virtual keyboard on an iPhone.

the Windows 10 Technical Preview that Microsoft is scheduled to unveil this week.


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Windows 10: What CIOs think of it so far

Tech chiefs think Windows 10 is a step in the right direction, but does it offer any reasons for firms to migrate from Windows 7?

Windows 10, Microsoft’s next operating system, isn’t expected until the middle of next year at least, and the company is still slowly revealing the details, which include support for a wider range of devices and increased security.

But considering the cool reception Windows 8 has had from business so far, Microsoft has to make a compelling case to firms as to why they should upgrade to Windows 10 when it arrives.

And so far, tech chiefs on seem to have a positive view of Windows 10, at least at this early stage in its development. When asked “Do you think Microsoft heading in the right direction with Windows 10?” the TechRepublic CIO Jury voted yes by a margin of 11 to one.

“From our preliminary review, the Windows 10 Technical Preview looks to be on the right track. Our institution has bypassed Windows 8.x and looks forward to testing and implementation of Windows 10 as soon as we confirm compatibility with our systems. It’s great to be excited about a new version of Windows again,” said Chuck Elliott, CTO at Concord University.

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How to choose just the right all-in-one computer for you

Windows-based all-in-one PCs once earned little respect. While most of today’s AIOs still lack the graphics horsepower for hard-core gaming (we’ll show you one exception), the best models are far removed from the 98-pound weaklings of yore.
Many AIOs use laptop parts, which minimize heat, power consumption, and the need for noisy cooling fans. If you crave more performance, pick a model that uses desktop components (the ones we’ve tested are still relatively quiet). Either way, everything—the CPU, memory, storage, and optical drive—is housed in the same unit as the display, so the computer’s footprint equals that of a monitor. And since most all-in-ones ship with a Wi-Fi adapter as well as a wireless mouse and keyboard, the only cable they require is a power cord.
All-in-one specifications are a blend of what you’ll find in conventional desktop systems and laptop PCs. The thinnest and most compact systems are almost completely built around the same power-efficient technology as laptops.
Here’s our checklist of specs to look for when you go shopping for your all-in-one, followed by some tips and recommendations:

How To Really Speed Up Your Computer – Common Myths & What To Do Instead

You might have noticed that your computer has never been as fast as it was when you first got it. But do you know why our devices slow down over time? Many of us have a number of misconceptions about sluggish PCs, so let’s crack these open and find out how to actually speed things up.

There are myths about slow computers that still get rehashed to this day: keeping too many files slows your machine down; you need to buy as much RAM as possible; viruses are designed to make everything run sluggish. In actuality, these statements aren’t true. Although they do have nuggets of truth contained within, it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Common Myths discussed

The Best 5 Free Alternatives To The Sound Recorder

Windows provides an application called Sound Recorder. It is rather simplistic and it doesn’t offer any sound editing features. Also, in Windows 8.1 you will find a touch version of this program which has another downside: the recording pauses automatically if you minimize the app. This can be a real annoyance and you will want to use a better program for recording sound. To help you out, we quickly tested some free sound recorders for Windows and now we would like to present the best that we could find.

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OneDrive At The Core Of The Windows 8.1 Experience – What Does it Mean?

In Windows 8.1, you don’t need to install a desktop client for OneDrive, nor any app from the Store, like you do in Windows 8 or Windows 7. OneDrive is now part of the operating system and sits at the center of your computing experience. What does this mean and what are the consequences of this strong integration? Let’s find out in this overview:

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Want Windows 10 Features? Buy A Mac Today!

Windows 10 looks exciting. It reintroduces real desktop search, includes multiple desktops and adds a start menu with live tile “widgets”.

Unfortunately it’s not scheduled for release until the middle of 2015 at the earliest, but Microsoft fans need not worry. You can have all these features and more right now if you swallow your pride and buy a Mac instead.

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The Best 5 Free Alternatives To Microsoft’s Paint

Who doesn’t know what Paint is? It has been around since you had your first Windows computer and all those years didn’t bring that many major changes to this application. Maybe you have some great memories about using it, but we think it’s time to try something new and better. In this article we will share 5 free alternatives to Microsoft’s Paint. They won’t be real competitors to Adobe Photoshop for example, but they sure are more powerful than Paint is and you can do more with them. Let’s get started:

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The big advantage of the Chromebook over Windows, Macs

Talk mobile and you’ll stir up a hornet’s nest. There are many options and those who are enthusiastic about each of them, and they will let you know that their solution is “best.” That’s probably true for them, but we each have our own needs and preferences so there is no one best solution for everyone.

I get the “mine is better than yours” attitude all the time, especially when I discuss the Chromebook. There are a lot of folks who believe that the lightweight Chrome OS is not as good as OS X or Windows. They need, or perhaps merely want, a full OS that can handle everything. Others want to have a big, honking OS around just in case they need it.

I understand that, I use both Windows and Macs, too. But every time I head out for the day with my Chromebook in tow I am impressed with how well it works for me.

I work, you might even say I live, in the Chrome browser all day. It doesn’t matter what OS is running behind the web pages, it’s Chrome front and center.

This is why the Chromebook works so well for me. The lack of a “real” OS as the engine behind the Chrome browser is actually a good thing for me. My Chromebook runs Chrome faster, smoother, and without hiccups, better than my fast Macs and Windows PCs. I can still do lots of “PC” activities in Chrome; with web apps it’s much more than a browser. But the pure browser experience is excellent on a Chromebook.


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The future of computing has a name: Chromebook

Jack Wallen tackles the enigma of enigmas, otherwise known as the Chromebook. Do you think the Chromebook is the future of computing?

Over the last few months, I’ve been searching for the ultimate ultrabook. My current laptop has lived a solid, productive life (Sony Vaio running Ubuntu 13.10), but its teeth are long and brittle, and it has the gout. So, I’ve been on the quest for something smaller, more powerful, and easy to use.


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