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Office 365’s unlimited cloud

Office 365’s unlimited cloud

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Microsoft has really made Office 365 more compelling by raising their online OneDrive storage from 1 Terabyte to Unlimited for Office 365 subscribers.

If you have Office 365 Personal, Home, University or Business account, the OneDrive storage limit will be effectively removed entirely.  For Home subscribers, shared among several people, each account attached to the Home service gets unlimited OneDrive storage.

It means that for US$99 a year, up to 5 people in a family can get Office 2013 or Office for Mac plus Office for iPad, the Office Mobile apps plus all the cloud storage they want.  The same deal is $69 for one person.

Office 365 Business customers have unlimited OneDrive storage added to their Office 365 roadmap which is Microsoft list of promises for the foreseeable future.

Compare that with the prices for cloud storage alone from Google, Dropbox (both about $10 a month for 1TB) and you’ll see that Microsoft is serious about clearing away any competition.  That’s good for customers.  Mind you, Google and especially Dropbox have other advantages.

That’s the practical effect for Office 365 subscribers/renters.

15 Best Mouse Cursor Schemes For Windows 7 & Windows 8.1

If you are bored of the Windows interface and you are tired of its default customization options, you should try some personalization packages that are found on the web. In this article we’ll share 15 free mouse cursor schemes for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 that you can use to improve the visuals of you operating system. Let’s get started:

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OneDrive At The Core Of The Windows 8.1 Experience – What Does it Mean?

In Windows 8.1, you don’t need to install a desktop client for OneDrive, nor any app from the Store, like you do in Windows 8 or Windows 7. OneDrive is now part of the operating system and sits at the center of your computing experience. What does this mean and what are the consequences of this strong integration? Let’s find out in this overview:

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My Five Favorite Free Windows utilities

Everyone has their favorite tools, especially when it comes to Windows. Today I thought I’d share my favorites, the programs I absolutely must have.

They’re all free, and they’re always free, so no worries today about anything selling out or sudden price changes. Read on, then hit the comments to nominate your favorite freebies for Windows!

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The Best 5 Free Alternatives To Microsoft’s Paint

Who doesn’t know what Paint is? It has been around since you had your first Windows computer and all those years didn’t bring that many major changes to this application. Maybe you have some great memories about using it, but we think it’s time to try something new and better. In this article we will share 5 free alternatives to Microsoft’s Paint. They won’t be real competitors to Adobe Photoshop for example, but they sure are more powerful than Paint is and you can do more with them. Let’s get started:

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How to Manage & Use Your Favorites in Windows Explorer or File Explorer

The Favorites in Windows Explorer or File Explorer are an under-appreciated feature, even though they can help boost your productivity. That’s why we would like to show how the Favorites work, how they can help you and how to manage them. Let’s get started:

What are the Favorites in Windows Explorer or File Explorer?

Favorites are a series of shortcuts that are shown in the left-side navigation panel ofWindows/File Explorer, in the section called Favorites. They are always found at the top-left side of the window and they can be easily accessed when working with Windows/File Explorer. Also, your favorites are shown in Save As dialogues that are shown when saving files or downloading files from the web.

The default shortcuts included as Favorites are: Desktop, Downloads and Recent Places. Shortcuts can be added to this section by you and your installed applications.


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9 Reasons Why The OneDrive Website Is Awesome

One of the best features of OneDrive is that you can download and install it on any sort of device you might have. There are applications for computers with all kinds of operating systems, apps for mobile devices and even an app that is built into Windows 8.1. But, did you know that, in order to experience all of the best features that OneDrive has to offer, you don’t really need to install anything? The web interface is a great way to experience OneDrive and in this article we will share the reasons why this is the case.

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10 Unique Ways To Use Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is one of Microsoft’s most underrated apps. Not only can you jot down notes or keep to do lists, you can use a stylus to do it, convert handwritten notes to text or organise your recipe collection. OneNote is available on almost every platform, making this ridiculously useful app even more relevant.

Although OneNote is available with good functionality on mobile devices, the tips below are mainly intended for running OneNote 2013 on Windows and Mac OS X.

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Five apps to get your new Android device off on the right foot

You finally purchased that new Android device you’ve had your eye on. Now it stares back at you, waiting for you to give it a task. You’ve connected it to your Google Account, so all your Gmail messages, Google Calendar items, and Contacts are in sync. Where do you go from here?

Naturally, that depends upon the intended use of the device. But certain applications will come in handy no matter how you plan to use the device. Here are five tools that should be among the first you install. These applications range in scope, but each offers a solid solution to help you get your work done.

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Free Movies and Movie Reading Programs

1. there is a movie site tied in through the library called Hoopla.

go to the Library site, and it should be listed.

I use my library card to get free movies there.

2. Overdrive (library too) leads to free books and apparently free movies…

3. VLC:  a program for viewing films without the DVD.

This is where I found the program (s) that worked well for me:

If you have a DVD movie, and save it to your computer, then you can view the movie on your computer without the DVD.