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9 Tips That Help You Use The Windows Taskbar More Productively

The Windows taskbar is an underappreciated tool which, when used properly, can have a very positive impact on your productivity. You can quickly start pinned applications, switch between multiple instances of an application, open a file with a specific application and so on. In this guide we would like to share several tips and tricks that will help you use the taskbar more productively. Let’s get started:

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Upcoming computer groups activities, Linux News

Oct 9, 2014 7 PM OMUG

General Meeting: Computer Transportation Planning by Intercity Transit.

Oct 11, 2014 9:30 AM TAPCUG General Meeting:

Introduction to Linux by Joel Carlson and John Wickliffe.

Oct 14, 2014 7 PM OMUG Linux SIG is cancelled this month.

Oct 21, 2014 5:30 PM TAPCUG Linux SIG (third Tuesday)
The Linux operating system (android, chromebooks, supercomputers, Linux Mint, etc.) has many more exciting new developments to keep up with at the Linux meetings.

I downloaded the Windows 10 preview (which looks like Windows 8) and ran it on a test computer.

We can discuss this.

Thanks, Joel Carlson

PC Maintenance Handbook – 2nd Edition


This is a great book for all Windows Operating Systems. Lots of nice tips about basic maintenance. A good book for the novice !Your webmaster

Improve your PC’s performance, speed, and reliability.

This handbook is designed to help you find ways to maintain your Windows PC and ensure it remains clean and speedy throughout its life. Computers quickly get bogged down by junk files, invalid registry entries, a fragmented hard drive, spyware, adware, low disk space, and more. A speedy system is just a few clicks away, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or even what to do. The purpose of this eBook is not to define the ultimate solution; its purpose is to give you simple, unbiased advice on what have been found to be the best options out there.

Google search for pc-maintenance-handbook–2nd-edition

This is a third-party ebook. If you’re downloading an ebook for the first time, the various distribution services,  will ask for some personal information in order to compile demographical statistics, and help us understand our audience.

5 Ways You Can Bring Your Old Photographic Slides Into The Digital Era

Converting old photographic images to digital formats that can be easily shared is a time consuming process. It is also potentially expensive if you rely on photographic shops to carry out the conversion.

This is also true of photographic slides, and if you have an old collection or have come into possession of such images, you may well be wondering just how to convert them to that they can be cleaned up, printed perhaps or even shared on social networks.

We’ve come up with five methods for you to try, using devices and materials you may already have, or might be prepared to invest in.

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Free Movies and Movie Reading Programs

1. there is a movie site tied in through the library called Hoopla.

go to the Library site, and it should be listed.

I use my library card to get free movies there.

2. Overdrive (library too) leads to free books and apparently free movies…

3. VLC:  a program for viewing films without the DVD.

This is where I found the program (s) that worked well for me:

If you have a DVD movie, and save it to your computer, then you can view the movie on your computer without the DVD.


Windows users are open-source people too

While it’s easy to fall into a Microsoft vs. open-source world view, the reality is that most open-source projects should be doing more to support the Windows users among us.

It’s easy to forget about Windows. Despite claiming more than 50% of the server market,according to IDC data, it’s Linux that keeps stealing the headlines… and open-source developers’ affection.

And yet, look beneath the covers of most successful enterprise open-source projects, and many companies choose to run their open-source software on Windows. We may have a serious disconnect between open-source ideology and a more pragmatic need to “get stuff done.”

But that disconnect shouldn’t blind open-source developers to the need to support Windows.

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How to put up a signup sheet

How to Post Google Docs as a Web Page via Google Drive

Google Drive has a convenient but often overlooked feature that can make your life easier if your collaborating in business, a teacher, or need to share a document with multiple people. Instead of worrying about inviting everyone or managing rights, it has a feature to publish a document as a web page.

For this tutorial I am going to use a simple word document. But this allows you to easily share documents and presentations with a URL, too.

Publish a Google Doc as a Web Page

Log in to your Google account and create a document or browse to the one you want to publish as a web page on Google Drive. Then click File > Publish to the web.

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X to Close: The origins of the use of [x] in UI design

X’s are everywhere in user interface (UI) design. A powerful symbol, [x] is capable of closing windows and popups, toolbars and tabs and anything else that might otherwise be cluttering up your screen.

Clicking on [x] to close a feature has become an instinctual part of using a computer and a standard in web and software design. Although it may seem like the ubiquitous [x] has always been a part of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), a quick jaunt through the history of GUIs reveals that this actually isn’t the case.

So where and when did the [x] first enter into the UI lexicon?

Cloud storage vs. external hard drives: Which really offers the best bang for your buck?

Behind the Spec Sheet seeks to draw new insights based on hardware data. Produced by FindtheBest, a company that aggregates specs and features in a centralized database, this weekly guest column will share data-driven discoveries and surprises, and attempt to expose common misconceptions.

By now, you know the basic arguments in the on-site versus off-site storage debate. External hard drives are fast (everything backed up in minutes!) and safe from hackers (you control the data), but are susceptible to theft, fire, and hard drive failure. Meanwhile, cloud solutions provide ongoing, reliable service, but are slower than on-site solutions, and (theoretically) more vulnerable to hackers.

But for today, let’s put aside the usual arguments and focus strictly on cost. Assuming your data will not be hacked, stolen, or burnt to a crisp in a house fire, which solution—cloud storage or an external hard drive—is more cost effective, byte for byte?

At FindTheBest, we compiled data on more than 400 external hard drives, including brands like Seagate, LaCie, and Western Digital, as well as more than 80 online backup services, including familiar names like DropBox and Box, as well as smaller companies like BackBlaze and Crashplan.

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Will the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 convince you to replace your laptop?

Dear CNET members,

What if you could have a tablet that’s powerful enough to work like a laptop, yet lightweight and compact like a tablet? Would you replace your laptop with it? Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, Microsoft thinks it has an answer.

Today Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3, a tablet that is supposed to be powerful enough to replace a laptop. This is just a short round of specs: 12-inch screen with 2,160×1,440-pixel resolution, options of Intel Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 processor, 800g (1.8 pounds) in weight, 9.1mm (0.36 inch) thick, and a screen that works with both fingers and stylus. And because of the more powerful processors, it can even run higher-end apps, including 3D-rendering apps and even Adobe Photoshop. And as an option you can still buy the Type Cover if you still need some kind of physical keyboard instead of just typing on the screen. You can see all the specs and details here in our Editors’ Take on the Surface Pro 3.

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