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How to Install A Color Profile For Your Monitor, In Windows

One important element when working with images, video and even when playing games, is color. Every monitor has a different color profile, rendering it slightly different from other displays. It’s important to make sure that the colors your monitor displays are as close to reality as possible. That’s why you should always install your monitor’s correct color profile. In this tutorial we will explain what color profiles are, why they matter and how to install them in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. If we made you curious enough to learn more, don’t hesitate to read on.

What Is A Color Profile?

Color profiles are pretty complex to define, especially by people who don’t work a lot with image and video editing or photography. Therefore we will try to summarize the best we can:

A color profile is a set of data which defines a device working with colors, and how this device displays colors. Such devices are monitors, printers, scanners, etc. Each device has its own way of managing colors. Therefore, without the correct color profiles being installed and used, it can happen that the colors of an image you view on your monitor will be very different from those you see if you print the image. To make sure such differences do not occur, and you actually see the real colors used in an image, you need to install the color profiles for the devices working with colors on your computer.

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How To Import Photos & Videos Into Windows Movie Maker

Creating movies from pictures and videos is a breeze with Windows Movie Maker. Once you have your pictures and video clips imported into this application, you can get right down to applying AutoMovie Themes, creating title clips and credits, setting your project to music and adding animations and transitions. But before you can begin, you’ll have to import your multimedia, so in this article we’ll show you how to do that.

Before we begin, make sure you have Windows Essentials installed. If you need instructions about how to setup this suite, check out this tutorial: What are Windows Essentials & How to Install Them.

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How To Import Pictures & Videos From A Camera Using Photo Gallery

If you are the type of person that always has his camera ready for that perfect candid photo, Photo Gallery may become one of your favorite tools. It allows you to import and arrange your photos, do minor edits and share them with friends. It even has some advanced functions that allow you to combine multiple photos in interesting ways. However, in this tutorial, we will first demonstrate how to use Photo Gallery to import pictures and videos to your Windows computers and devices, from just about any digital device: digital cameras, smartphones and memory cards.

NOTE: It’s worth nothing that while most of this tutorial deals with images, Photo Gallery can handle importing videos as well as photos. You can use this application to import pictures and videos from all kinds of devices, not only digital cameras. The procedures detailed in this guide apply also to smartphones and memory cards.

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Google’s Vint Cerf warns of ‘digital Dark Age’

What do YOU think ?

Vint Cerf, a “father of the internet”, says he is worried that all the images and documents we have been saving on computers will eventually be lost.

Currently a Google vice-president, he believes this could occur as hardware and software become obsolete.

He fears that future generations will have little or no record of the 21st Century as we enter what he describes as a “digital Dark Age”.

Mr Cerf made his comments at a large science conference in San Jose.

“Start Quote

Even if we accumulate vast archives of digital content, we may not actually know what it is”

Vint CerfWeb pioneer and Google VP

He arrived at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science stylishly dressed in a three-piece suit. This iconic figure, who helped define how data packets move around the net, is possibly the only Google employee who wears a tie.

I felt obliged to thank him for the internet, and he bowed graciously. “One is glad to be of service,” he said humbly.

His focus now is to resolve a new problem that threatens to eradicate our history.

Our life, our memories, our most cherished family photographs increasingly exist as bits of information – on our hard drives or in “the cloud”. But as technology moves on, they risk being lost in the wake of an accelerating digital revolution.

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The Best 5 Free Alternatives To Microsoft’s Paint

Who doesn’t know what Paint is? It has been around since you had your first Windows computer and all those years didn’t bring that many major changes to this application. Maybe you have some great memories about using it, but we think it’s time to try something new and better. In this article we will share 5 free alternatives to Microsoft’s Paint. They won’t be real competitors to Adobe Photoshop for example, but they sure are more powerful than Paint is and you can do more with them. Let’s get started:

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5 Ways You Can Bring Your Old Photographic Slides Into The Digital Era

Converting old photographic images to digital formats that can be easily shared is a time consuming process. It is also potentially expensive if you rely on photographic shops to carry out the conversion.

This is also true of photographic slides, and if you have an old collection or have come into possession of such images, you may well be wondering just how to convert them to that they can be cleaned up, printed perhaps or even shared on social networks.

We’ve come up with five methods for you to try, using devices and materials you may already have, or might be prepared to invest in.

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WordPress SIG

Your board has approved my desire to start a WordPress SIG.

The first SIG meeting is scheduled for August 21  (third Thursday) in room 205 at 7 pm.

This will be a basic introduction to developing a WordPress SIG, with handouts and tailored to the needs of those who attend.

Pat Sonnenstuhl, your webmaster will facilitate our interaction. If you are interested, let her know:

10 things you need to know about using Word fields

Fields are among Word’s most powerful and versatile features, capable of generating and displaying all kinds of useful information with little (or no) effort on your part. 

Word fields are placeholders that store and display data. They perform simple tasks, such as returning the current date or current page number, but they’re much more than that. You can use them to ask questions, make decisions based on specific conditions, and perform calculations. In this article, I’ll show you the basics you need to know to start utilizing this powerful and flexible feature in your Word documents.

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Five apps for screen capture in Windows

The ability to combine written words with pictures or videos helps convey the exact message you are looking to present. For instance, if you are working on a software user’s guide, screenshots can show your clients exactly what you mean in a particular context. Although the Windows Snipping utility that comes bundled in Windows since Vista might qualify and work fine for your needs, you might also be looking for features like extra editing functionality and recording capabilities. Here are five apps that act as proper extensions of any basic screen capture system.

More information with photos: