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Top 11 Things We Don’t Like About Windows 10

While Windows 10 comes with lots of new features and improvements, there are also some things we don’t like about it. We’re not trying to be perfectionists here but there are a couple of things that Microsoft could change or improve. Some of our complaints are small while others are quite significant. If you are curious to learn what we don’t like about Windows 10, don’t hesitate to read this article:

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Where To Buy Windows 10? Which Version Should You Buy?

f you are interested in Windows 10, you will want to know how to get Windows 10. Can you get it for free? How? If you can’t, then where can you buy Windows 10 and how much will it cost you? Also, which edition of Windows 10 should you buy? The answers to these questions are not that obvious and you will need to do a bit of research in order to answer them. We decided to make things simpler for you and do the research for you, so don’t hesitate to read this article:

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Windows 10 review: Full of promise, but not a must-have just yet

Unlike its predecessors, Windows 10 isn’t expected to be superseded by a new release but rather upgraded over time, with Microsoft bolting on new features via regular updates – which home users won’t be able to refuse.

That means even if you don’t like Windows 10 now it should get better over time. That’s good news – as, at present, Windows 10 seems more like an operating system with promise, rather than a must-have.

Of course, many of these criticisms should be tempered by the fact Windows 10 is free to the vast majority of users. As widely covered, anyone running Windows 7 or 8.1 will qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10, which, providing they meet the system requirements, will be available via Windows Update.

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Deep-dive review: Windows 10 — worth the wait (video)

Finally, an operating system from Microsoft you can love.

With Windows 10, Microsoft undoes the damage wrought by Windows 8. This is a cleanly designed operating system that works equally well on traditional computers and tablets, brings back the much-mourned Start menu and introduces useful features such as the Cortana digital assistant and new Edge browser.

I’ve been following the progress of Windows 10 ever since the first technical preview last year, and wrote about the second technical preview back in January 2015. I lived with, tested and reviewed its major iterations. I’ve seen rough edges smoothed, new features introduced and some features dropped.

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How to temporarily prevent a Windows or driver update from reinstalling in Windows 10

In Windows 10, your device is always kept up to date with the latest features and fixes. Updates and drivers are installed automatically, with no need to select which updates are needed or not needed. In rare cases, a specific driver or update might temporarily cause issues with your device, and in this case you will need a way to prevent the problematic driver or update from reinstalling automatically the next time Windows Updates are installed.

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Top 12 Lesser Known Features & Improvements In Windows 10

Windows 10 is ready for launch and many tech publications have covered it in their articles. However, everybody talks only about its biggest new features. As is always the case with operating systems, there are many small things that are new to Windows 10 and most people have never heard about them. We tested Windows 10 during its development cycle and we know many of these small new features. We decided to share them with you in this article:

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Top 12 Most Exciting New Features Of Windows 10

Windows 10 is said to be the best Windows so far and that means it has to meet plenty of high expectations. Luckily, Windows 10 brings some really neat and interesting new features: starting with a completely redesigned Start Menu and continuing with a better Desktop experience, to Cortana (a witty personal digital assistant), to Microsoft Edge (the most modern web browser built by Microsoft in recent years). It’s no surprise to us that Windows 10 got everybody excited, at least in the tech scene. In this article we are going to share some of the best new features that you’ll find in Windows 10. Let’s get started:

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Microsoft: Here’s why you should upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has kicked off a new series of videos and blog posts that aim to explain why you should upgrade to Windows 10.

Launched on Sunday, the initial blog post authored by the Windows Team focuses on the Start menu, which is alive and well once again inWindows 10 but with a few twists. The team highlights the new Start menu by saying it’s back in a “more robust and expanded format” with access to your most frequently used apps, Windows settings and space to add live tiles.

Following the feeble response to Windows 8, Microsoft needs Windows 10 to be a hit. As such, the company has been fine-tuning its new OS since October 2014 with ongoing new versions, or builds, of its current Technical Preview based in part on user feedback. One way Microsoft has been enhancing Windows 10 is by bringing back some of the features from Windows 7 that people have missed. And Numero Uno on the list is the Start menu. Even Microsoft now realizes it made a major boo boo by killing the Start menu in Windows 8 in favor of the Start screen. People don’t like change. And the Start menu was a familiar way of working. Now in Windows 10, the Start menu has returned, but with some of the Windows 8 flair.

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How To Switch Between User Accounts In Windows 10

In many cases we are not the only users of our devices. Whether you have a little brother or a little sister, or one of your grandparents wants to experience the new world of technology, because they are not familiar with these devices, they could cause a real damage in your operating system. For this situation and for many other circumstances Windows 10 allows you to create one user account for each user. In this article we’ll show you how to switch between multiple user accounts in this operating system.

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Should You Use A Local Or A Microsoft Account In Windows 10?

Since the launch of Windows 10 is just around the corner, we have decided to take a closer look at this operating system’s usage of Microsoft accounts. As we all know, starting with Windows 8, users had to choose, when logging into the operating system, between using a local account or a Microsoft account. The idea behind this situation was that if one wanted to take advantage of new Windows features and modern apps you were required to use a Microsoft account. This created a huge rift between the two types of user experiences and an ever more growing frustration on the part of people who liked using local accounts and didn’t want to be beholden to an online account. It seems that Microsoft is not at all that deaf to user needs and expectations, hence Windows 10 comes with a more relaxed policy on user accounts. Let’s try to understand what the differences are between these two type of accounts in Windows 10 and what has changed from Windows 8.1.

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