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How to use Airplane mode on a Windows tablet or laptop

If you are a mobile user who travels a lot, then you need a way to work or have fun, while flying. Luckily, just like any smartphone operating system, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 both have a feature named Airplane mode. You can turn it on so that you can use your laptop or tablet while flying. Here’s what Airplane mode does, why you should use it and how, in both operating systems.

NOTE: If you are interested in instructions for Windows 8.1, read page 2 of this guide.

What is the Airplane mode in Windows?

Airplane mode turns off all the wireless communications on your Windows device. That means that it disables any radio chips that might interfere with the airplane’s communication and navigation systems or chips that might not work while you are flying. As the name implies, this feature should be used when flying on an airplane. In Windows, when Airplane mode is turned on, the wireless network card, the Bluetooth chip and the mobile data connection (3G or 4G) are turned off. You should turn it on when boarding planes. After take-off, you can enable the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth, if you need to use them. However, they should be turned off again when the plane prepares for landing.

This feature also helps you save power when flying. Because some of your device’s components are turned off, they are not used and they don’t consume any power. Therefore, you’ll get slightly better battery life. This benefit alone makes this feature useful also when you don’t board planes but you want to save as much power as possible.

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81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Can’t Afford a Therapist

Sure, pretty much everyone could benefit from therapy. But not everyone can afford it. Thankfully, there’s a whole world of free or affordable mental health care out there designed to help you with just about every issue, whether that’s kicking an addiction, managing your emotions, finding a group of like-minded peers, or recovering from trauma. Even better? Some of these resources are available whenever you need them. (No need to schedule an appointment between the hours of 9 and 5.) Support groups, hotlines and call centers, websites and online forums, and even apps can be put into action when you have a crisis or just need extra support.

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How To Automatically Upload Your Pictures To Dropbox On Your Windows Phone

If you are a heavy Dropbox user, you may want to set your Windows Phone smartphone to automatically upload all the pictures you take, to your Dropboxaccount. This can be easily in done, by following just a few steps. Here’s how:

NOTE: Windows Phone offers by default an automatic backup feature that works for all your pictures and videos. They are automatically stored on your OneDrive account. More details are shared in this tutorial: How to Backup Your Windows Phone 8 Data Automatically. If you enable the automatic upload to Dropbox, Windows Phone will keep uploading your pictures and videos also to OneDrive, until you turn off this feature.

How To Turn On The Automatic Camera Upload To Dropbox

The Dropbox app for Windows Phone allows you to automatically create backups of all your pictures to your Dropbox account. In order to enable this feature, you must have it installed on your Windows Phone. If you’d like to see some brief information about the Dropbox app for Windows Phone, check this guide: How To Use Dropbox On Your Windows Phone Smartphone .

In the Dropbox app, switch to the Pictures screen. Then, in the upper side of the screen, you’ll see an option to Turn on Camera Upload. Tap the Enable button to its right and you will get to the Camera Upload settings screen.

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How To Use The Kindle App For Windows 8.1 To Read eBooks

If you own a Windows 8.1 device and you enjoy reading but you do not own an eBook reader like Amazon’s Kindle, there’s great news: in the Windows Store you can find the Kindle app which offers you access to over a million books from theKindle Store including new releases and bestsellers. Besides reading your favorite eBooks with it, you can place bookmarks, highlight text and add notes. In this article we will show you how to use this Windows 8.1 app to make reading an enjoyable experience for you. Let’s get started:

How To Get Started With The Kindle App For Windows 8.1

First you need to download the app. Click or tap here to get it for free.

After downloading and installing the app, you need to sign in with your Amazon account. To get started press the Sign in button placed at the bottom of the window. If you don’t have an Amazon account press the + button and follow the instructions for creating one.

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How To Customize The AutoPlay Settings In Windows 7 & Windows 8.1

You’ve probably noticed that every time you insert some kind of media (a flash drive, CD or DVD), an AutoPlay window is shown with several options for you to pick from. If you would like to configure how AutoPlay works, both in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, this guide will show how:

Where to Find the AutoPlay Settings in Windows 7 & Windows 8.1

There are different ways of getting to the AutoPlay control window. One way that works both in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is to open the Control Panel. Then, choose Hardware and Sound, then AutoPlay.


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How To Open The Sound Scheme Customization Window

Windows has a set of sounds applied to events and programs, such as “Close Program”, “Default Beep”, “Maximize”, “Minimize”, etc. The collection of all these sounds is called a sound scheme and is associated with a Windows theme. For example, the themes that come bundled with Windows are using the Windows Default sound scheme. When you change your Windows theme, the sound scheme is also changed according to the new theme’s settings. If you are not happy with a certain sound scheme, you can easily customize it so that it uses the sounds you want. You can even create your own sound schemes. Let’s see how it all works.

NOTE: This guide applies to both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

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Enable Thumbnails For Video, Audio & Image Files In Windows/File Explorer

Windows Explorer or File Explorer may show thumbnail previews for all kinds of files, like “.avi” movie files but they may not show thumbnail previews for “.flv” (Flash Video) or “.mkv” (Matroska Video) files. Luckily, with the help of an application named Media Preview you can enable thumbnail previews for multiple file extensions. It works for video, audio and image formats and you can set how each thumbnail preview looks like. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Download & Install Media Preview

First, you need to download and install the Media Preview application. You can find the download link here: Media Preview, media file thumbnailing for Windows.

Run the setup file that you have downloaded and, during the installation process, make sure that you select all shell extensions, so that you can set the thumbnails for all types of supported files.

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How To Change The Default Playback & Recording Audio Device

One of the many creative options built into Windows is the ability to record and play back multimedia files. Windows even makes it simple by selecting a default device for audio recording and playback, but what if you’d prefer that another device be used? Let’s take a look at how to change the default and how to troubleshoot certain problems.

Working With Audio Devices In Windows

Before we make any changes, it’s important to know what we’re dealing with. We record audio using microphones, for example, and play them back through speakers. We can also record sounds from devices inside the computer, like the optical drive, and playback through headphones. Many people have more than one device attached (like the microphone included in a web cam plus a standalone microphone plus a microphone built into a headset) and it’s important to pick a default so the sound is recorded and played back with the highest fidelity. You don’t want your voice to sound like you’re in an empty hallway because your default is the webcam microphone three feet away from you instead of the microphone in your headset or on your desk.

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The Best 5 Free Alternatives To The Sound Recorder

Windows provides an application called Sound Recorder. It is rather simplistic and it doesn’t offer any sound editing features. Also, in Windows 8.1 you will find a touch version of this program which has another downside: the recording pauses automatically if you minimize the app. This can be a real annoyance and you will want to use a better program for recording sound. To help you out, we quickly tested some free sound recorders for Windows and now we would like to present the best that we could find.

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