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Omuggerinos! From Our OMUG President
I apologize that my original message about OMUG response to COVID-19 was sent to the board only, instead of the general reflector. I was out of town and didn’t have my full contact list with me!
Nothing is constant except change. At least until April, Olympia Center is closed, so all OMUG events scheduled there are also cancelled. If anyone has a SIG they are welcome to set up meetings elsewhere, preferably virtual – that will be up to them.
After April, if quarantines etc. continue, we should look into virtual meetings for the entire group. A Learning Zoom meeting is planned for April 4th. Contact Tim for details: tim2@timshome.com 
Meanwhile I suggest that we share some links that offer ways to use tech to help us cope with the difficulties of life. These might be links to good trustworthy information sites, links to articles that assist with working from home, etc.
I sent a few links the other day, so will not add them here.
Thanks, Tim Hilliard, erstwhile OMUG President…
Normally, the date/time for our monthly General meeting is usually on the 1st Saturday at 10 am in Room 206 of the Olympia Center. A business meeting is started earlier,  so come early and learn more about the organization. 

Usual Meeting Location: Olympia Center

Olympia Center
222 Columbia Street NW, Room 206
Olympia, WA 98501

Questions about OMUG ?

Contact Gary Garrety garretyg@gmail.com

Join our MeetUp for details, and to stay in touch. 




The Olympia Microcomputer Users Group (OMUG) is an volunteer, non-OlymugLogo2profit organization proudly serving the needs of the computer user community in the south Puget Sound area of western Washington since 1986.  We now spend time on other devices as well as basic computers.

Where and when we meet 

Communication with other Omug members through the Reflector

What is the Reflector ? It is a way of communicating with others in the organization.  If you are an OMUG member, and not on the reflector, please contact me and I will put you on: Gary Garrety  garretyg@gmail.com

Membership Application  has been revised. Dues are NOW $10!

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